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Must Have Hiking Apparel

Hiking is a wonderful activity many people enjoy. For beginners, day hikes are a perfect way to get your body conditioned to moving through different kinds of terrain.  For more experienced hikers, you may want to turn it into a weekend and do some camping along the way.  Whatever your plan, be sure you are prepared.  We’ve compiled a list of must have gear essential for your adventure.  Hiking boots Putting on the miles in all different types of terrain, your most important piece of gear will involve supporting your feet. Finding the perfect fit will prevent injuries while you are hiking.  Keep these tips in mind when choosing an ideal hiking boot:                      Know your size.  Having a specialty...

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How To Pick The Right Sleeping Pad For You (For Backpacking)? Follow Our 7-Point Checklist

This article is for anyone who is interested in inflatable ultralight/lightweight sleeping pad for backpacking and/or lightweight travel. We will cover self-inflating sleeping pad in another article (coming soon). Here is our 7-point checklist: weight, size, comfort, inflation, durability, R-value, and price. Weight Every ounce counts when hiking through the mountain. We recommend a 1 lb (16 Oz, 454g) or less ultralight sleeping pad. For highly insulated sleeping pad (for cold weather), try to stay under 19 Oz. Size Size includes the inflated size, thickness, and the packed size. Usually you don't have much room in your backpack so pack size is very important. A good size is about the size of a 16 to 20 Oz water bottle. Once inflated, we...

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