11 Fantastic Stress Free Camping Tips!

Following these 11 fantastic stress-free camping tips will ensure that you and the ones you are going camping with, have a real blast camping - wherever you choose to go! Camping always sounds like a really fun idea as there lies the prospect of so much fun and adventure. But, camping can be stressful too. So, what can you do to ensure that your camping experience, with whoever you have plans to go with, is just great and enjoyable – and not stressful? 

Here are some simply awesome stress-free camping tips which will ensure that you have a camping experience that is just perfect…

  • What Camping Item Should You Take?: The answer is very simple – keep it light, keep it as minimal as possible. The idea behind any camping trip is always doing without the things that you would do in your daily life. Camping means, roughing it out. So, if you want to take a ton of things along with you, that you use in your daily life, why go camping? Pitch a tent in your living room and camp there. 

  • Stress-free camping means living without the things you need every day and living a simple life – even if that camping is just for a day or two or just overnight – or a week or two! You can learn a lot of lessons about life when you go camping and taking only the bare essentials that you need with you when you go camping, is going to teach you one big lesson – the kind which you will only learn when you go camping in this way. 

  • Be Ruthless: Yes, when trying to figure out what to take camping, you need to be pretty ruthless. How many pairs of underwear should you take? How many shorts should you take? How many T-shirts should you take? How many pairs of jeans pants should you take? Should you carry bacon? Eggs? Ham? Are you going camping or are you going to a party? Stress-free camping means not taking any of these things and not even thinking of taking such things with you when you are going camping. 

  • Look at it this way, if you are going camping just overnight, why do you even need a change of clothes? Part of the awesome experience of camping, is to get dirty and grubby – without this, how can you even say you went camping? So, pack as little as possible, when you are going camping. Be very ruthless about what you want to take with you on your camping trip. And if you really plan on going camping just overnight, it really makes no sense at all for you to pack a change of clothes.

  • Camp Close By: Whoever said that you can only have a great camping experience if you go camping miles and miles away from home? One of the biggest secrets to stress-free camping is to camp as close to home as you can. This way, you will get more time to spend camping, instead of spending a great deal of time traveling all the way to the camping site and then all the way back home. 

  • So, before you decide where to go camping, a good idea would be to find out all the camping grounds near you and then try to check out a few, before you decide which one is best suited to you to go camping. A big benefit of finding camping grounds that are within 30 minutes or even within an hour of where you live, is that you might be inclined to go camping more often – even on the spur of the moment! 

    Family Camping Gear To Take: Stress-free camping tip for you – go gearless! Forget about carrying gear for rock climbing, canoeing and what not! Is it really necessary to take all this along with you when you want to go camping? How about just enjoying the scenery all around? The lovely trails. The local wildlife. The local waterhole. Surely all of this is enough to make your camping trip lovely and memorable?

  • Stick To Minimalist Camping: The things you desire to take with you on your camping trip could fill two trucks. But, if you want to ensure stress-free camping, make a list of the things you will take with you and keep this list short and sweet. Whether you plan on going camping for just a couple of days or a week or two, keep in mind that your purpose for going camping is to enjoy the outdoors and rough it. As such, you definitely do not want to take along the things with you, that you are using in your daily life. 

  • Of course, you would have to take something as important as medicines and the like with you, this cannot be avoided. But as for the rest of the things that you ‘feel you need’ with you when you are out camping, think ten times before you add them to that list that you are making, before setting out camping. 

  • Camping Cooperative: A great way for you to indulge in stress-free camping, is for you to set up a camping cooperative, with a family living near to you, who is also interested in going camping. This way, you can both plan the camping trip. Or once you can plan the trip and the next time another camping trip is on the line, they can do the planning. This way, on every other camping trip, one family does all the planning and other is free to just enjoy the trip. 

  • Keep It Short: If you have plans to go on a very long camping trip, you will need to do a lot more packing and a lot more planning. So, take this stress-free camping tip – keep your camping trip short and sweet. In this way, you will not have to plan days and weeks in advance and undergo a whole lot of stress in the process – and neither will you have to pack a lot! 

  • Take Along Camping Essentials: If you want to ensure a stress-free camping experience, then one of the most important things that you definitely must never ever forget to take along, whenever you go camping, is a first-aid kit. This kit should include all the medicines that are required, for basic camping and all the other essential medicines that would be needed by you and whoever else is going camping with you.

  • Car Camping: Going camping in your car and parking somewhere at a camping place that allows this kind of thing, is one of the most wonderful stress-free camping ideas that you can have. You do not even need a tent. Just sleep in your car or carry along some sleeping bags. 

  •  Delegate Responsibilities: If you are going camping with a group or with your family, the best way for you to ensure stress-free camping, is to delegate responsibilities to one and all in the group. This way, you will be taking off a lot of stress from yourself. But at the same time, as you will be splitting the responsibilities amongst the entire group which is going camping – you will be ensuring that you are not stressing them out too!

  •  Your Camping Checklist: This could be as long as your arm, no doubt about it. But, if you want to ensure a stress-free camping experience, be sure to keep this list as small as you possibly can. Here are some of the things that you may like to consider adding to this checklist of yours, when you plan on going camping: backpacks for everyone, a box of granola bars, a frying pan or two, foil dinners, sleeping bags and ground pads, a spatula, water bottles, extra socks, silverware and plates, a tent or two that can be easily assembled, some fruit leathers and a lighter. 

  • Stress-Free Camping Is Really Possible!

    True, when you want to go camping, you may feel that there are just so many things that you want to take along, whatever be the reason for you to feel so. But, it just isn’t possible for you to go camping, taking everything off your fancy with you. Of course, depending on the camping grounds that you choose, there may be a few extra things that would be important to add on that list. Things like binoculars, swimsuits, guidebooks of flowers and birds, these kinds of things. And of course, if you or someone in your group knows to play the guitar, that would be just great to take along when you go camping. But remember, the lighter you travel when going camping, the lighter the stress on you! 

    Yes, you may believe that it is not possible to go camping without having some kind of stress or the other. But, if you follow the above tips, you can rest assured that camping can be just what you want it to be – fun, excitement and adventure – without all the stresses involved. But to ensure this is possible, be sure to follow the above stress-free camping tips!