13 Hiking Safety Tips You Cannot Forget!

If you plan on going hiking, provided it is not in your own backyard, here are 13 hiking safety tips you cannot forget! In general, hiking is not considered to be an activity that is dangerous. But this would depend on where you plan on going hiking. So, here are some trail safety tips for you, in case you intend to go hiking, following them would ensure your safety.


1. Always Plan Ahead: One of the very best hiking safety tips for you is that you never ever just pick up your backpack on a whim and go camping to an unknown destination. This is not at all a wise thing to do and by doing so, you could be endangering your life – and that of anyone else who is with you. It is very vital that you ensure that you get as much information about the area in which you want to go on a hike. It could be you want to go hiking in an area that is unknown to you, never mind, you can do that. But first, you have to gather as much information as you can on that area, so as to ensure that it is safe for you to go hiking there. You can gather information on the area, by asking friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and other hikers and ask them if they have gone hiking in that area and if they have, whether or not is safe for you to go hiking there. Or you can look at maps and books or read articles on the World Wide Web. In this way, you will be getting a lot of information about the area for your planned hike and you would get to know whether or not it is advisable for you to go hiking in that area.

2. Hiking Safety Equipment: It is very important that you take all the necessary hiking equipment with you, when you plan on going on a hike. This includes hiking gear such as a first aid kit, water, food, hiking shoes or boots, a very good hiking backpack, navigation tools like a compass and a map, a knife or a multi tool and clothing that is weather appropriate to the area in which you plan to go hiking.

3. Use Your Common Sense: Hiking is a fun activity, it is filled with adventure and it can be great exercise too. But, if you do not use your common sense, hiking can be dangerous too. So, keep in mind, when you are out there on that hiking trail, one of the best hiking safety tips is that you do not do anything that is risky or strange or foolish and never ever be over confident. Always ensure that you use your common sense when you are out hiking.

4. Inform Someone Close: Before you leave for your hiking trip, one of the best hiking safety tips that you could follow, is to be sure to inform at least one, preferably two people, who are close to you and trusted, as to where you are going hiking, when you are leaving and by when at what time you intend to get back. Thus, in case something happens and you are not back at the appointed time, people can come looking for you. 

5. Never Go Hiking Alone: Of course, if you plan on going on a leisurely hike at your local park, then you can go alone. But, if you intend to go hiking in a canyon or a forest or some kind of area that is very tricky, one of the best hiking safety tips for you to follow is that you must never go hiking alone. If you are hiking with a partner, it is less likely that another person will try to attack you. Also, if you fall into trouble when on the hiking trail, your partner will be there to help you. When you hike with a partner and you are confronted by some setback or you face some kind of an issue, you are less likely to get anxious, than you would if you were alone on that hiking trail. When you are hiking with a partner, not only is that anxiety cushioned, but your partner can also help you in getting out of trouble. And in case you get injured while out hiking, your partner can get back to the trailhead and seek help or give you emergency first aid. 

6. Mountain Hiking Safety Tips: If you plan on going hiking in the mountains, you need to be extra cautious. It is better that you take not just a hiking partner along, but also a guide, who knows the mountainous area like the back of his hand. This is because not only is it treacherous to go hiking in the mountains, but it is also way too dangerous. Also, it is very easy to get lost in the mountains – and finding the right trail back, would be very hard, if not impossible. So, taking a local guide along with you, is one of the best hiking safety tips for you to follow, when you plan on going hiking in the mountains. 

7. Pay Close Attention To The Trail: Never ever lose sight of the trail, you never know what could be in store for you. Things may look perfect on the hiking trail, but you can never tell what is waiting for you around the very next bend. So, always ensuring that you are on full alert, when you are out hiking, is one of the best ever hiking safety tips that anyone could ever give you. Also, you never know who is out there on the hiking trail. So, one of the very best trail safety tips for you, is to ensure that you just do not talk to any stranger, unless it is absolutely necessary for you to do so.

8. Be Prepared For The Weather: Based on the area in which you are going hiking, you need to be prepared for any sudden weather changes that could take place. For example, if there are unexpected showers predicted in the area, ensuring that you have all the right clothing and the right hiking safety gear with you, to keep you safe in such weather, are some of the very best hiking safety tips you could follow. 

9. Overnight Stay: Yes, you could go on a hiking trail and you might end up going too far to go back or the weather may change drastically. As such, you might find it hard to make your way back or go ahead to exit the trail. In such circumstances, you would have no choice but to spend the night on the trail. As such, you need to ensure that you have all the right equipment to keep your stay at night safe, on that hiking trail. You would need enough water, enough food, enough first aid and perhaps, you would do well to even have a tent with you, to offer you protection from the weather and the elements and ensure your hiking safety at night.

10. Plan Your Route: When you plan on go hiking, one of the best hiking safety tips you could do, is to plan your route. When you plan your hiking route, you are in actuality, following one of the very best hiking safety tips, there are for any hiker. This is because when your route is planned, you know where you are at any given point in the route and you know in which direction you are headed. So, the risk of you falling into any kind of unexpected and unwanted trouble, is lessened.

11. Hiking In The Hot Sun: One of the very best hiking safety tips for you, if you plan on going hiking in an area where the sun is very hot, is for you to keep on putting sun screen at regular intervals and to keep your head covered. 

12. Be Sure To Stay Hydrated: When you go hiking, especially in those hot summer months, it is very crucial that you stay hydrated. Thus, in order for you to retain your body fluids, when you are out hiking, you must always keep drinking fluids.

13. Camping On The Hiking Trail: Sometimes you may decide to go hiking and spend the night out camping. As such, be sure to follow all the required camping safety tips, such as setting up a tent at the right place and in the right way. Not creating a fire that would be impossible for you to put out or one that could suddenly start to spread like wildfire. Do not throw your garbage on the trail while camping. Following such measures while out camping on the hiking trail, would not only ensure your safety, but also that of others. 


Be Sure To Follow These Hiking Safety Tips

Hiking is fun, there can be no doubt about it. Hiking is also considered to be a normal activity, one that is taken up by many people for the purpose of leisure or keeping fit or just for an adventure. But, depending on where you are going hiking, the hiking trail could also turnout to be your worst nightmare for you. So, to avoid getting into any kind of trouble while you are out there on that hiking trail, be sure to follow the above hiking safety tips.

Remember, our environment is precious and it is in your hands to see that it always remains so. Thus, when you are out hiking, be sure that you keep things as they are, do not litter, do not throw waste, do not do anything that would spoil the environment. Have fun while out hiking, following these hiking safety tips, but keep the safety of our environment in mind too!