18 Critical Backpacking Tips And Tricks!

18 Critical Backpacking Tips And Tricks

  1. You Do Not Need Your Entire Wardrobe: You cannot carry all your clothes, shoes and whatnot with you, even though you may be going hiking or camping for the entire week. One of the neatest backpacking tips and tricks for you, is to take along tops and jeans. You must keep in mind that you have limited space in your backpack. So do not carry with you anything that you would only be wearing once. Carry clothes that will suit different occasions and those kinds of clothes which you would be wearing multiple times.
  2. Check The Weather: One of the most vital backpacking tips and tricks you should adhere to, is to check the weather. This way, if you know that there is rough weather expected, where you are headed, you can cancel the trp. After all, you definitely would not want to find yourself trapped in a dangerous situation, when you are out camping or hiking. Another reason why you need to check the weather of the place where you are headed, is because in this way, you would know what clothes you need to wear. Plus, you will also get to know what fun activities you can do there, based on the weather conditions there and also, you will get to know what you can eat there.
  3. Do Not Look Like You Are A Tourist: One of the essential backpacking tips and tricks you must take care of, is to make sure that you do not look like a tourist. Sadly, there are some people who just wait for tourists to come to their place, so they can prey on them. You need to ensure that you avoid these kinds of people and do not attract their attention. These people can spot tourists from miles away. That is why, it is very important that you do your best to blend in with the locals. One of the things you must not do, is carry a backpack that looks like you have the entire world stuffed away into it. This is one of the easiest ways for thieves and other bad elements to spot that you are a tourist.

 Another way to avoid catching the attention of unwanted elements, is to avoid using bum bags, fanny packs or a visible belt bag. If you just have to wear any of these, wear it under your clothes, so no one can see. Another no, is using a giant paper map, as this is one of the easiest ways for anyone to know that you are new to the place. Instead of a paper map, use a map on your phone. 

  1. Backpacking Pack Weight: As light as possible! Do not burden yourself by taking on more weight than you should. Keep in mind, you are going hiking or camping to have fun – not to carry a burden on your back!
  2. Take All The Medicines You Need: Just carrying a first-aid kit is not enough when you are going hiking or camping. One of the best backpacking tips and tricks you could ever follow, is to take along with you, all the medicines you would need. Who knows when you may fall ill when you are out camping or hiking? So be sure to take along the basic medicine, as well as any special medicines that might be needed.
  3. Carry Plastic Bags: One of the worst possible things you could ever have, is wet clothes, wet socks, wet towels or wet underwear, in your backpack. Worse still, imagine by mistake, you put on dirty underwear. How gross can that be? So, one of the coolest backpacking tips and tricks for you, is to carry some plastic bags with you and in them, put all your wet and dirty clothes.  
  4. Backpacking Weight Chart: Ideally, your backpack should not weigh more than around 20% of your body weight. So, if you weigh 130 pounds, the weight of your backpack should not be more than 25 pounds.
  5. Take Lots Of Snaps: Be sure to click lots of snaps, selfies too. One day you can look at these snaps and remember all the fun times you had.
  6. Roll Up Your Clothes When You Pack: One of the very best backpacking tips and tricks you could adhere to, is to roll up your clothes. This would help you save a lot of place in your backpack – and would be of great use to you, to help you carry back all those souvenirs of the place you have been to. Another advantage to rolling your clothes is that this would ensure that they are wrinkle free. Also, if you have any glass items or other valuables, you can wrap these in your clothes, to protect them.
  7. Backpacking Essentials: Be sure to take along these essential things when you go hiking or camping: toothbrush, razor, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, headlamp, walking sandals or shoes, mini sewing kit, water bottle, hair cream, conditioner, chargers, fingernail clippers, moisturizer, power bank, micro-fibre towel, Swiss army knife, sunblock, shampoo, batteries and laundry soap.
  8. Take Along Some Entertainment: Whether you are going on an overnight trip or a weeklong trip, one of the best backpacking tips and tricks you could follow, is to take along some entertainment. This will really come in handy for you, when you are travelling to your hiking or camping destination. Even a very short trip could feel like it is lasting an eternity. So, be sure to take along a book to read or some music. You could even carry a puzzle or a video game.
  9. Ask The Locals: One of the coolest backpacking tips and tricks for you, if you want to do something different at the place where you are, if you are seeking a nice place to eat, is to ask the locals. It is very likely that they will know some really good eating places and who knows, they might even know some places where you can do something really unique.
  10. Get Familiar With Public Wifi: This is one of the most vital backpacking tips and tricks for you. If you are stranded and you need something, the one thing that could save you is public WiFi. So, make yourself totally familiar with how you need to use this.
  11. Backpacking Tips What To Pack: Pack only those things that are essential. You are only going for an overnight trip or for a few days – you are not moving house!
  12. Know Where The Public Toilets Are: Of course, this works only if there are public toilets, in the place where you are going. If there are, be sure to take note of where they are located, you never know when you may need to use one in an emergency.
  13. Inform Your Bank: If you are going backpacking overseas, one of the most crucial backpacking tips and tricks for you, is to make sure you tell your bank about your trip. This is because if you do not inform your bank, they may see some suspicious overseas transactions and they may block your account. As such, you would be stranded in a foreign land, with no money.
  14. Tell Someone Where You Are Going: It is very important that you tell at least two people who you trust, where you are headed and when you intend to get back. This way, in case you do not get back at the time you stated, people could start looking for you. And this could really come in handy for you, if you are in trouble and badly in need of help.
  15. Get The Right Backpack: This is perhaps the most important of all the backpacking tips and tricks that you can have. You need to get a backpack that feels good to carry, when it has a weight in it. The only way to know which backpack is the right one for you, is to put weight in it, when you are at the store, looking at backpacks. Then carry this backpack around in the store and see how it feels. If you feel the slightest discomfort, do not take that backpack and try out other ones. 

Hiking And Camping Are Fun But…

You need to ensure that you take all the right steps to ensure that you get the maximum fun and excitement out of camping or hiking. And that is why, following these 18 critical backpacking tips and tricks is very important.