22 Cool Camping In The Backyard Ideas

22 cool camping in the backyard ideas you are just going to love, if you want to go camping, but for some reason or the other, you do not want to go camping miles and miles away from your home or you just do not like camping in the wilds or the outdoors or you would rather just stay very close to home and camp in your backyard. 

Camping In The Backyard Ideas You Will Just Love

  • How To Easily Make Fire Starters With Hardly Any Expense: You may be camping in your own backyard, but you would still need to have a fire. One of the best camping in the backyard ideas you will get is to use some lint and a few toilet tissues and you are ready to start that campfire in your backyard.
  • Is Backyard Camping Safe?: Seems kind of a weird question to ask isn’t it? But, one of the safest things and one of the best camping in the backyard ideas you can have, is to ask yourself this question. Now, if you are camping in your own backward, you know what is in it and so you will be able to determine whether or not it is safe to camp in your own backyard. But, what if you are planning on camping in someone else’s backyard? Are you aware of what kinds of pitfalls and troubles lie in wait for you there? Better safe than sorry! So, ensure that you check out the backward camping site thoroughly before you decide to pitch camp there!  
  • Backyard Camping Bug Bombs: When camping in your backyard, you are sure to encounter all kinds of bugs. You would not even have believed such creatures existed when you were in the comforts of your home. One of the best camping in the backyard ideas is to make ‘bombs’ of sage, lavender, and mint. These are sure to drive all those horrible bloodsuckers away. 
  • Romantic Backyard Camping: If you are the romantic type and you are seeking some fantastic romantic camping in the backyard ideas, here are some neat romantic backyard camping ideas for you:
  • Watch a movie on your tablet or laptop.
  • Read a novel.
  • Play cards or scrabble.
  • Cook food together.
  • Light a campfire and tell stories. 
  • Scavenger Hunt: Even camping in your backyard calls for enjoyment. One of the best camping in the backyard ideas for you and your family, is for you to have a scavenger hunt. Just take some pencils and paper bags and get the entire family ready to go on a scavenger hunt. On the bag, write down the names of flowers, trees and insects that are to be identified and the bag could also be used to collect specimens. 
  • DIY Lanterns Out Of Glow Sticks: Yes, if you want to have lanterns while camping in your backyard, all you need to do is get some glow sticks and make your own lanterns.
  • Backyard Campsite Design: If you already have a backyard and you wish to go camping in it, you do not really have to bother about any kind of design. Just pitch tent and camp, as simple as that! 
  • Catch Fireflies: Definitely one of the best camping in the backyard ideas you can have, if there are fireflies where you are at. If there are, all you need is a few DIY catchers, a Mason jar and a keychain flashlight. Remember though, once the fun is over, be sure to release all those fireflies back to the wild. 
  • Firepit In Your Backyard: Camping of any sort, even backyard camping, calls for marshmallows. So, for roasting these and other tasty things you want to cook, one of the smartest camping in the backyard ideas that you can have, is to build a firepit. You do not have to go overboard to do this. All you have to do is set up a sturdy flagstone firepit and you are all set to roast, toast and BBQ. 
  •  Hike Around The Neighborhood: Whoever said you can only have fun when you go camping, by hiking into unchartered territory? One of the most excellent of all the  camping in the backyard ideas that anyone could give you, is to go hiking in your own neighborhood, while you are out camping in your backyard. It can be more fun than you can ever imagine. To make the experience authentic, slip on your backpack. Is there a nearby park or trail or road that you have never gone to? If so, now is just the time for you to start exploring. 
  •  Yoga Mats For Better Sleep: One of the smartest backyard camping ideas that you can have, is to simply place a yoga mat beneath every sleeping bag. When people wake up, they are going to feel less stiff as a result of camping in the backyard. 

  •  Backyard Camping Tent Or Tepee: Either you can set up a tepee for the kids and for yourself in your backyard (Definitely one of the smartest camping in the backyard ideas that you will have!) or just grab a tent from your house and pitch it in your backyard.
  •  Ring Toss In Your Backyard: More games are sure to spice up your backyard camping expedition. One of the best backyard camping ideas is to set up a game of ring toss. And if you do not have bowling pins, it does not matter. From your local grocery store, you can get six small butternut squashes. Then using different colored wrappers, wrap these using washi tape. Add values and prizes to them and let the games begin.

  •  Hot Cocoa To Go:  One of the hottest camping in the backyard ideas you can have, is to fill that thermos with hot cocoa and bring it to the campsite when you are camping in your backyard. The entire family is just going to love it. 
  •  Backyard Camping Recipes: Luckily, you will be camping in your backyard, so you do not have to break your head about what you are planning to cook, when you plan to stay just overnight in your tent in the backyard. You can decide before you go camping in your backyard, what you want to cook. Or if you like, you can cook beforehand and take the cooked food to your backyard. 
  •  What Better Than Campfire Popcorn?: Who does not like popcorn when at a camp? Especially when there is a campfire? Making popcorn for the family and yourself, is one of the hottest backyard camping ideas you can have.

  •  String Lights To Brighten The Night: One of the really cool camping in the backyard ideas you will ever come across is to hang some string lights in your backyard, when you are camping out there. If you like, you can even hang them in your tent.

  •  Is It Legal To Camp In Your Backyard?: Seems like a dumb question to even think of. But fact is, it could be illegal to camp in your own backyard. Thus, one of the smartest backyard camping ideas you could get, is to find out the rules with regards to this, in the area in which you are living in. Plus, you also need to check and find out, what you can and cannot do, when you are camping in your backyard. 
  •  Loads Of Games To Play: So what if you are camping just in your backyard? There are so many games you and your family can play such as croquet, badminton, frisbee, cornhole and so many others.
  •  Sing A Song Or Two Or Three: One of the better camping in the backyard ideas you can have is to sing songs at the campfire. Make a list of the favorite songs you and your family love to hear or sing. Grab that guitar and pots, pans and spoons and get set to sing the night away. 
  •  Backyard Camp Bathtub: This is by far one of the very coolest backyard camping ideas you can ever have. Just get one of those stock tank pools and set it up in your backyard and let everyone jump in and have fun when camping in your backyard. 

  •  That Good Ol’ Rocking Chair: One of the best things about camping in your own backyard, is that you can take almost anything you like, along with you. So, if you feel like taking that rocking chair along, no one and nothing should stop you from doing so. 

    Always Remember These Camping In The Backyard Ideas 

    If you want to stay close to home and camp (So close that you are camping in your backyard!), then following these backyard camping ideas, is sure to help you tremendously and ensure that your camping trip in your own backyard, is going to be filled with fun and excitement and memories you will cherish for your entire lifetime. And all you have to do, is just follow these 22 cool camping in the backyard ideas.