23 Hiking Hacks 2020

These 23 hiking hacks 2020 are a must for you, whether you want to go hiking on a local trail or whether you want to go exploring some unknown trail. Hiking can be a lot of fun, but it can be filled with dangers too. That is why, whether you are a newbie to hiking or a veteran, these hiking hacks 2020 are sure to be immensely handy to you. So here they are…

Hiking Hacks 2020

  1. Waterproof Your Backpack: This is one of the best hiking hacks that you could follow, especially if you were going hiking in an area where it is raining or rains have been predicted. Just imagine what would happen if it were to rain and you were caught in the middle of that downpour, only to find out later that your bag was leaking and all your clothes had become soggy. So, be sure to give your backpack an extra layer of protection, by lining it from the inside, with plastic bags.
  2. Use Every Bit Of Space In Your Backpack: If you are unsure of how to pack things, this is one of the handiest hiking hacks you will ever come across. Remember, space comes at a premium in a backpack and so, you have to make use of every inch of space that you have in there. Ensure that you pack right into the corners and even use the outside of your backpack to pack things like tent poles and the like.
  3. Great Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away: You may have taken along mosquito repellant and run out of it or lost it or you may have forgotten to take it, no worries! Just hunt for an elderberry bush - and this is one of the most awesome hiking hacks for you! If you do not know what this looks like, make sure you search for it online and take a couple of pictures along with you, before you leave for your hiking expedition. Put these leaves inside your clothing or crush them and rub them on your body. This is a super way to keep the mosquitoes away.
  4. Biodegradable Tape To Find Your Way Back: It is possible that you may get lost while you are out hiking. As such, be sure to not forget this, one of the coolest hiking hacks – take biodegradable tape along with you when you go hiking. Mark your route with this and ensure that you never get lost.
  5. Know Where Lies Your South: As the saying goes, when you are in doubt, head south. How do you know where your south is? Easy, just download a compass on your cell phone. This is one of the best thru hiking hacks for you, as you never know when you could get lost on that hiking trail.
  6. Waterproof Your Jacket: When you go hiking, you are sure to carry a jacket with you. How do you know whether or not your jacket is one that is waterproof? For this, follow this neat hiking hacks – spray your jacket with water. If the jacket starts to look damp or wet, get a re-proofing spray and use it on your jacket. Of course, you could also choose to buy a new waterproof jacket.
  7. Pack A Tick Key: There are sure to be ticks when you go hiking. Ticks are dangerous, as they could cause infection. The tick key would come in handy to remove these pesky ticks.
  8. Which Campfire Is Best For You?: Yes, there are different kinds of campfires. So, one of the best hiking hacks you could follow, is get to know the different kinds of campfires that you could make. This way, you would know which campfire to start, based on the amount of wood that you get when you are out hiking.
  9. Headlamp Not Torch: Torches are kind of bulky and you have to use one of your hands to hold a torch. Whereas, when you get a headlamp, both your hands are free to do other stuff.
  10. Duct Tape For Blisters: When you are out hiking, you are sure to get blisters. Cool hiking hacks for you, is to carry duct tape with you. When you see the first sign of a blister, immediately put on duct tape. This not only gives protection, it also gives padding.
  11. Waterproof All Of Your Gadgets: If your backpack is leaky, you can say bye bye to all your gadgets. You can prevent this from happening - just wrap all your gadgets in a freezer bag.
  12. DIY Fire Starter: Really neat hiking hacks, is carrying along with you Vaseline and cotton balls. When you need to start a fire, just cover the cotton balls with Vaseline and you can easily start a fire. Plus, these hardly take up any space in your backpack. This is a really good hiking DIY.
  13. Wear Two Pairs Of Socks: This is one of the very coolest hiking hacks, more so if you are going hiking in the cold. Wearing two pairs of socks, could also help in lessening your risks of getting blisters.
  14. Mini First-Aid Kit: You can either buy this or make your own by using an old prescription bottle. Pack this with important meds you use daily and antiseptic cream, bandages and plasters. The great thing about this mini first–aid kit, is that it will not take up a lot of room in your backpack.
  15. How To Pack More Toilet Rolls: When out hiking, toilet rolls are very essential. But, these are bulky and occupy a lot of space in a backpack. So, really awesome hiking hacks for you, is to just remove the cardboard role of the toilet roll and pack it flat in your backpack. This way, it would not take up space and you can also pack a lot of these.
  16. Eat Foods That Are Light: Do not fill your backpack with bulky foods, as these could make your backpack heavy for you to carry. When you are out hiking, eat foods that are lightweight, but high in calories. A couple of such foods are beef jerky and nuts. This is of course, ultralight thru hiking. Also, these foods are light to carry and they do not take up a lot of space in your backpack.
  17. Cork ‘Em: When out hiking, it is quite likely that you might have to wade through streams or even jump over them. As such, if you have any things like keys, etc., which are valuable and you cannot afford to lose, good hiking hacks would be for you to make these buoyant. To do this, just add a wine cork to these.
  18. Mini Stove: It is tough to take along a normal stove when you go on a hike, as this would take up a lot of space in your backpack and also, it would be heavy to carry. You can make a mini stove and for this all you would require is some alcohol solution, a couple of cans of Coke and some tools. But of course, if you do not like to build things, you can always buy a mini stove.
  19. Take Along A Bin Bag: This is just great for storing clothes that get wet.
  20. Keep Your Shoes Warm During The Night: At night, the temperature could drop and when you wake up in the morning. You could find that your shoes are as good as frozen. To prevent this from happening, awesome hiking hacks for you, is to keep them under your sleeping bag. This way, when you get up in the morning, you will find your shoes are nice and warm.
  21. Only Take What Is Essential: You might want to take your entire room with you when you go hiking. But, be sure to follow minimalist thru hiking and take with you only those things which are most essential.
  22. Take Along A Hiking Pole: When you are hiking, a hiking pole could mean a world of difference to you. On terrain that is rough, this pole would give you stability. On terrain which is flat, it gives you support for your joints and legs. By using a shoelace and an old broom handle, you could even make your own hiking pole.
  23. Inform At least Two Close People: Be sure to inform two people who you trust, before you go hiking, as to where you are going and by when you will get back. This way, if you do not get back at that time, they could start looking for you, with the help of others.

You Never Know…

When you could need any of the above hiking hacks! If you are a newbie to hiking, these hacks would definitely prove to be extremely useful to you. And if you are not new to hiking, who knows which of these hacks you may have forgotten or never heard of? So, whether you are new to hiking or not new, be sure to follow these 23 hiking hacks 2020.