4 Camping-Related Careers You Can Pursue

Contributor: Tate Logan


For many people, their passion is in the environment. In fact, global surveys on climate change show that over 50% of all age groups are dedicated to doing more to help the environment.

Among the best ways to channel your love for camping and nature is to make a career out of it! With responsibilities that will have you out and about every day, here are some of the most promising nature-aligned jobs you can consider.

1. Environmental Scientist

If you want to affect eco-friendly change to protect the environment you may want to become an environmental scientist.

 Maryville University describes environmental scientists as individuals who use their “expertise in natural science and the environment to protect various ecosystems”. While there will be a lot of lab work, environmental scientists also do a lot of work in the field, often in remote areas.

This job allows those who love to camp to spend time in some of the worlds’ most spectacular places while working to protect the ecosystem at the same time. To become an environmental scientist, you will likely need a degree in a related field such as biology or sustainability.

2. Campsite Warden

For super avid campers, the next logical step may be to turn it into a career. As a campsite warden, you spend every day on campgrounds.

Your primary responsibilities include maintaining the campgrounds and keeping the campers safe. As an additional task, campsite wardens may also be asked to oversee camp activities. This will typically include guiding them on hikes and providing essential information.

Training for this role is pretty straightforward and requires significant experience. You will get the added benefit of constantly being exposed to the body and mind-healing capabilities of nature as outlined in our post ‘Is Hiking Good for You?    

It’s the perfect job for those who want to spend their days and nights outside.

3. Park Ranger

Aside from stunning flora and fauna, what do national parks like Kruger, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton have in common? They’re all protected by park rangers.

Tasked with a wide range of responsibilities—including visitor assistance, educational activities, and emergency services, to name a few—park rangers are our national parks’ first line of defense. Because of the breadth of these tasks, The Balance details that park rangers are often required to have completed a relevant four-year course in fields like wildlife or public service.     

Since rangers are also government employees who directly enact the missions of the National Park Service, they are GS-5 level workers. If you’re fond of educating others and don’t mind working in isolated or challenging terrain, a park ranger position may be your calling.

4. Botanist

As bonafide plant experts, botanists spend every waking moment studying the life, cellular makeup, reactions, and patterns of plants. During field expeditions, botanists may be required to trek and camp in untouched wilderness. This is why botanists do need a certain level of familiarity with camping, too.

If you’ve never considered botany but love nature, now may be the best time to pursue it. According to reports, graduates of a botany degree will see 8-14% job growth in the next few years.

Botanists are so in demand, in fact, that there is a shortage of professionals in this field.


Final Thoughts

We’ve all heard of the adage, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. While that may not necessarily be totally true, finding a career you’re passionate about really does make your professional life that much more fulfilling. With responsibilities that will better mankind and the environment, these professions provide a great win-win for you and nature!

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Image: Pexels