7 Camping Hacks To Make Your Adventure A Whole Lot Easier!

By Lisa LeConte

Whether you are an experienced camper or a brand-new lover of sleeping in the great outdoors, camping “hacks” are beneficial for anyone.  Below are some great ideas to make your next adventure a little more convenient!

1. Spices

Do not miss out on delicious, well-seasoned foods just because you are away from your kitchen.  Take a variety of spices with you, while saving room in your pack.  Emptying individual spices into separate tic-tac containers works well – make sure you label each!  You can even use a weekly pill organizer and pick your favorite seven spices!

2. Convenient Fire Starters

Did you know that corn chips burn like crazy?  If you are having trouble finding dry material to start your fire, try corn chips.  Pack a bag on your next camping trip.  You can use half to start your nightly fire and the other half to make some delicious homemade nachos!

Speaking of fire starters, another great trick is placing a dozen pieces of charcoal inside – you guessed it – an empty egg carton.  By the time the cardboard has burned away, the briquettes should be burning strong. 

3. Easy Eggs for Breakfast

Speaking of egg cartons – who wouldn’t love scrambled eggs or omelets next to the early morning fire?  Take those eggs and crack them into a bottle – water bottle, plastic peanut canister, whatever you have.  Before leaving on your trip, add eggs, spices, chives, heavy cream and even shredded cheese to your bottle.  Place the lid on and shake it up.  In the mornings while camping you can pour it right into your pan.  Add diced ham, onions or peppers and you’ve got a delicious omelet. 

4. “Ice” for the Cooler

You will not want to be weighed down by a lot of items on your trip, especially if you are hiking and camping along the way.  Do not waste money on ice.  Fill water bottles or milk jugs (depending on the size of your cooler or insulated pack) with water and let freeze before your trip.  Use these as your ice.  When the ice melts you will have fresh water to drink.

5. Tea Tree Oil

There are many natural remedies for what you may encounter outdoors.  Tea Tree oil covers a wide variety of them.  Tea Tree oil can be used as a repellant for nuisance bugs and especially ticks.  It can work as bite relief from the critters that do happen to bite you.  It can also be mixed with Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera gel for a homemade hand sanitizer.  Pour 2 cups of water and 3-4 drops of Tea Tree oil into a small spray bottle to take on your trip.  

Sage is another natural insect repellant.  Tie together large amounts of sage leaves and add to your fire to keep the mosquitos away. 

6.Toilet Paper Holder

Photo courtesy of: fieldandstream.com 

Don’t let that toilet paper get wet!  Recycle an old coffee can, and cut a 1/2” thick slit down the side for dry, easy to access toilet paper.

7. Hand-Washing Station

Use an empty laundry detergent container to create a convenient place to wash your hands.

Photo courtesy of: greatwildoutdoors.com

Camping hacks are wonderful ways to make your trip more convenient and enjoyable.  Convenience is essential across the board when wanting to make the best of your hiking or camping experience.  For brilliant ways to travel and sleep comfortably outdoors, check out OutdoorsmanLab’s wide variety of items!