Discover The Best Adventure Places In America

If you want to have one of the best adventure vacations in the world, come discover the best adventure places in America. Yes, whether you believe it or not, America is still a land of fun and adventure and there are so many things to do and see in America, you will be surprised. So, whether you are seeking adventure trips for couples in the US or whether you want to go with your whole family or on your own, here are some great spots in America, where you and anyone else with you, is sure to have the biggest adventure of their lives.

Here Are The Best Adventure Places In America

  • San Juan Islands (Pacific Northwest): These islands are an archipelago and 4 of these islands are accessible via foot and vehicles via the ferry system of Washington State, as these inlands happen to be a part of the state of Washington. The islands are a very big tourist attraction, famous for orca whale-watching (can be done by air or boat) and for sea kayaking, which is why the place is one of the best adventure places in the USA. The archipelago has more than 400 islands and rocks. 128 of these have names. The archipelago consists of a shoreline that stretches over 478 miles (769 km). So, if you are the type who likes to go whale watching or kayaking, then San Juan Islands is just right for you. 
  • Acadia National Park (Maine): This park is one of the best adventure places in America, as it is home to diverse wildlife and also some of the most stunning landscapes imaginable. This park is responsible for the protection of a patch of the coast of Maine, where the woods of the north, meet the Atlantic wilderness. The park is a tourist hub and it is also a place for lobster shacks, whale-watching, lodging and sailing tours. 
  • Bend (Oregon): The reasons that make this place one of the very best adventure places in America, is because of the Deschutes River, the peaks, the trees and its medley of lakes. The place is also a challenge to hikers as there are a couple of pretty awesome hiking trails here, such as the trail that leads to the summit of South Sister and the trail that goes to Crater Lake. 

  • Grand Canyon (Arizona): If you are looking for the best adventure vacations, either for yourself or for the entire family, then you can be sure that the Grand Canyon is one of the very best adventure places in America. This canyon is really a natural wonder and it is about a mile deep, 18 miles wide and approximately 277 river miles in length. Each year, more than 5 million people come to see the Grand Canyon.  
  • Perrine Bridge (Twin Falls, Idaho.): Do you dream of going BASE jumping, but are unable to do so, as you do not have a permit for it? Well, you can now realize your dreams of going BASE jumping, even though you do not have a permit. This is possible in America, only at Perrine Bridge, one of the best adventure places in the USA. This bridge is a 1,500-foot structure, from which you can jump off and experience the extreme sport of BASE jumping. Once you jump off this bridge, you will be flying down right to the floor of the canyon. And the good news for you is that this bridge is open all year round.
  • Telluride (Colorado): The reason why this place is considered to be one of the best adventure places in America, is because it has over 2,000 acres of terrain that is meant purely for skiers to come and have a ball of a time skiing. Even if you can ski and ski, you will not be able to cover so much ground, anytime soon. If you seek a skiing adventure vacation, one where you can explore new ski rounds day after day, this is just the place you have been dreaming of. 

  • Jackson Hole (Wyoming): This place lies between Snake River and the Teton Mountain Range. It is a breathtaking wilderness area and valley that is home to the National Elk Refuge, rustic dude ranches, upscale ski resorts and of course, the main town of Jackson. Whether you are interested in nature, art, history or culture, Jackson Hole has it all, making it definitely one of the best adventure places in America. In fact, there are several bodies of water over here that are just great for paddle boarding. 
  • Kealakekua Bay (Hawaii): This is not just one of the best adventure places in America, but it is also one of the wildest. If you have never been satisfied with just seeing sharks and whales, but have always wanted that something more, this place is just what you have been looking for. Over here, you can be as close to all the sharks and whales that you want, by seeing them from within a cage or by going swimming with them – the choice is yours! 
  • Hyalite Canyon (Montana): One of the most dangerous sports in the world is none other than ice climbing. And if this is the sport that you crave for, then you should head for Hyalite Canyon, one of the very best adventure places in America, for people who would love to climb a mountain that is filled with ice and more ice.  This canyon has around 160 routes and since 4 decades now, it has been a playground for climbers of all levels of seriousness.
    • Lake Tahoe (Sierra Nevada Mountains): Nestled in between the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this is a large freshwater lake. If you are seeking a fabulous backcountry camping experience or if you want to spend a fantastic day at the beach or if you want to do both, then this is the place for you to be. Some of the beaches here are just great for scuba diving, kayaking, swimming and stand up paddle boarding. Little wonder then why this place is known as one of the best adventure places in America. And if you are fond of mountain biking, there are a number of mountain biking trails too over here.
    • Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.): 96% of this park is based in Wyoming, 3% is in Montana and 1% is in Idaho. Stretching across 3,000-plus square miles of canyons, waterfalls, geysers and mountains, there can be no doubt that this park is one of the best adventure places in America. What makes the park even more adventurous is its residents – elk, buffalo, grizzlies and lots and lots of other wildlife.  
    • Haines (Alaska): If you can afford it and you love snow and nothing but snow and more snow everywhere you look, heli-skiing is what you seek. And one of the best adventure places in America for this, is Alaska. Heli-skiing is an extreme adventure sport and from the helicopter, you get to see views that are not only very spectacular, but you also get to see landscapes that are not just thrilling, but very tough. Haines, is one of the best places at which you can experience this extreme sport, because of its steep and deep, snow covered slopes. 
    • Black Canyon Trail (Arizona): If mountain biking is more your thing, then one of the best adventure places in America to do this, is the Black Canyon Trail. This is an 80 mile trail that is an absolute delight for mountain bikers. The trail was opened in the 1960s and it is used for hiking and mountain biking. 
    • Yosemite National Park (California): If you are on the lookout for adventure vacations on a budget, you can be sure this is the park for you. This park is famous for its ancient giant sequoias, towering granite monoliths, waterfalls and deep valleys, making it by far one of the best adventure places in America. The park has a very diverse landscape and as such, it is home to over 400 species. The park is also home to one of the tallest waterfalls on Earth, Yosemite Falls, falling from a height of 2,425 feet.  
    • Asheville (North Carolina): If you love going hiking in the great outdoors, enjoying all that scenery and fresh air, then you can be sure that this is definitely one of the best adventure places in America and definitely one of the best spots in the world for people who love to go hiking. The Black Balsam Knob is by far the best of the best of all the hiking trails over here, but the hike is tough because of the incline and the length of the trail. 

    There You Are!

    Whether you happen to be seeking cheap adventure vacations in the US, just for yourself or for the entire family or whether you are seeking the very best places to travel for outdoor adventure, you now have a whole list of the best adventure places in America.