Fantastic Camping Food Hacks 2020

13 fantastic camping food hacks 2020 are definitely going to be very useful to you, as no matter where you are going camping or when, you cannot do without one thing and that is for sure – and that one thing is – great food! So here goes…

13 Fantastic Camping Food Hacks 2020

  • One-Pot Campfire Power Breakfast: This is definitely one of the best camping food hacks you will find. When you wake up in the morning at the campsite, you are all excited to go adventuring. So, who has the time to cook food? But, how will you get the energy you need to go exploring and adventuring, if you do not have the right kind of food? In this one-pot campfire power breakfast, you can combine all kinds of veggies and proteins, making it power packed and tasty, ensuring you have a tasty breakfast and loads of energy packed in you, to set out adventuring at your campsite.
  • Campfire Nachos: Not forgetting to pack that skillet when you are going camping, is perhaps one of the most awesome camping food hacks, that you could ever be told. Nachos are a big favorite with campers. This tasty dish is made in a skillet, it is very easy to make and a great advantage to this is that as it is served in the skillet in which it is made, you do not have to worry about having to clean up. 
  • Skillet S'Mores: Would you love to have camp fire fire-roasted S'Mores? This alternative to this is one of the neatest camping food hacks that you will ever be told. In a cast iron skillet, put butterscotch chips and a layer of chocolate and over this arrange marshmallows. Cook these over the campfire and you are assured of a dip that is sweet and fluffy, oozing with a flavor that is rich and chocolaty. While the dish is still warm, dig into this dish with graham crackers. 
  • Paper Bag Bacon: What could be better than camping food hacks that show you how you can enjoy bacon and eggs at the campsite - and that too, without having to bother about all the pain of having to clean up plates and pans after you are done eating? To enjoy eggs and bacon at the campsite, take a paper bag and line it with some strips of bacon, creating a kind of a fatty bacon nest. Then, crack some eggs and add them to this. Then fold the bag over, take a stick and attach the bag to the end of the stick. Then for about 7 minutes, roast this over hot coals. And there you go, you can now eat bacon and eggs at the campsite!  
  • Grilled French Toast: This is yet another one of the best camping food hacks you will come across. This is just ideal for a midnight snack when you have come back to the campsite after exploring the whole day and you are too tired to cook. Or, this also makes a great breakfast. You would need milk for this and so that you do not have to refrigerate the milk, it would be good if you carried along with you to the campsite, milk that is shelf stable. If you are seeking camping food on a budget, this dish is just right! 
  • Bannock: Making bannock at the campsite is one of the most mouth watering camping food hacks you will ever get. Bannock is a kind of bread that is very delicious and it tastes even more delicious when it is cooked over an open flame – meaning, over a campfire. You can make a loaf or two of this tasty bread, in a cast-iron pan. Or, just to add that extra fun to the campsite, take a stick and wrap the dough around it and cook the bread in the campfire. There you are, fresh, delicious bread, cooked at the campsite.
  • Grilled Campfire Corn: One of the most fun camping food hacks you can make at the campsite, is a takeoff on corn-on-the-cob. Before you leave for your camping trip, season it with salt and pepper and any other spices you wish. Store these corn in a cooler, in resalable plastic bags. Once you have a nice campfire going, get some sticks and skewer the corn on these. Then gently roast these on the campfire and enjoy a tasty campfire snack.  
  • Campfire Pizza: Whoever told you that you could not have pizza when you are out camping? One of the most amazing camping food hacks for you is to use your skillet at the campsite and make a great pizza. You can even make the dough right by the campfire. And the best part is, you can use any and every topping that you want to! By far, this is one of the very best camping food ideas, one that you are sure to love, if you love to have pizza! 
  • Crescent Rolls On A Stick: By far this is one of the best ever camping food hacks that you can get hold of. Before you set out on your camping expedition, from your local supermarket, take a canister of crescent roll dough. At the campsite, get a stick and wrap this dough around it. Ideally, do this at night, in this way, you can roast this over the campfire. A more tasty way would be to skewer a hot dog first on the stick, then wrap the dough around it then roast it on the night campfire. This is a really tasty dish and it is so easy to make.  
  •  Eggs In A Bottle: If you have been camping before, then you would know that it is not at all easy to transport eggs to a campsite. So, one of the coolest camping food hacks is to scramble the eggs and carry them in a plastic water bottle. When you get to the campsite, just pour these into the frying pan and get ready to eat delicious scrambled eggs. This is one of the best make ahead camping meals you could take along with you to the campsite. This is also a great way of saving some space, as in this way, you would not need to carry along something extra with you to the campsite, just to ensure that the eggs do not break on the way. 
  •  Campfire Muffins In Orange Peels: Who does not like muffins at a campfire? Hot camping food hacks for you is to whip up some muffin batter, the night before you go camping. When you are leaving for the campsite, take this muffin batter along with you and also take along a bag of oranges. After you have settled down at the campsite after doing all the exploring your heart craves for, sit down in a pleasant spot and take that bag of oranges you brought along. Next, cut all the oranges in half. Next, scoop out the fruit. Relax, you do not have to let the fruit go to waste, you can make a tasty fruit salad from this. Or, you can even make orange juice. Next, take the muffin batter and pour it into the orange peels which you had cut in half. Then, bake this on a grill on the campfire. And after this is cooked, enjoy delicious campfire muffins in orange peels, sure to make you a fav with one and all at the campsite.
  •  One Cup Coffee Bags: Wouldn’t you just love to have a nice hot cup of coffee when you are out camping? Who wouldn’t? But of course, how in the world are you going to take along with you to the campsite, a coffeemaker? So, if you just can’t resist having coffee when you are out camping, you are definitely going to love this, one of the best of the best camping food hacks – which shows you how you can enjoy that lovely cup of hot coffee – right at that camping site! This is what you do, take a coffee filter, take a scoop of ground coffee and fill the coffee filter with this. Take some dental floss and tie this tight. All you have to do is add some hot water to this and hey presto, you now have one cup of hot coffee, ready to be enjoyed by you at the campsite.  
  •  On The Go Pancakes: If you would like to have flapjacks in the morning while at the campsite, then rest assured that this is one of the best camping food hacks for you. So, a few hours before or the night before you go camping, take a plastic bag and in that, premix the ingredients for the pancake. Then store this plastic bag with the pancake mix in it, in a cooler. In this way, with this, one of the best camping tricks for food, you will have the most tasty pancakes ready, when you are at the campsite. 

  • 13 Fantastic Camping Food Hacks 2020

    Wherever you are planning to go camping, you are going to need good food, this is one thing that you just cannot do without, when camping. These 13 fantastic camping food hacks 2020 are going to be of great help to you, of this you can be 100% sure!