Incredible Camp Cooking Safety Tips You Cannot Forget!

Incredible camp cooking safety tips you cannot forget if you have plans to go camping outdoors with your family or friends or even all on your own! Following these safety tips will ensure you and the ones you are out camping with, have a fantastic camping experience. So, be sure to follow these…

Simply Fabulous Camp Cooking Safety Tips

  • Always carry along an insulated cooler when you go camping outdoors, so you can keep your food in this.
  • When you are cooking in the outdoors, do not wear clothes that are loose-fitting. 
  • When you are transporting raw poultry or meat, to your outdoor camping location, ensure that you keep this food in bags or containers that are secure, so as to prevent cross-contamination from taking place, with other foods that you are carrying.

  • Be sure that you cook foods to the required temperatures.
  • When you are cooking foods outdoors, one of the vital camp cooking safety tips is to separate the cooked foods from the raw foods.
  • You need to wash your hands frequently when you are cooking in the outdoors. As such, you need to carry along with you, a hand sanitizer, so in case there is no water, you can use this.
  • If you plan on using a gas grill when you are camping outdoors, ensure that the propane tank connections have been thoroughly checked by you. 
  • Keep food out of reach of wild animals. Preferably, store food in sealed containers, so animals cannot get to the food. Doing this also helps in keeping wild animals at bay.
  • When you are camping outdoors, do not cook meat or poultry partially and then cook the rest later.
  • If the weather is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the most critical camp cooking safety tips you need to ensure, is that the food is not kept out for over an hour.
  • When camping in the outdoors, do not grill where there is no proper ventilation. 
  • Do not throw leftovers anywhere at all in the outdoors. Store these in shallow containers.
  • When you cook outdoors, be sure to cook meat and poultry until they have reached an internal temperature that is safe, so as to destroy all harmful bacteria in them.

  • As you may carry along with you a cooler on your outdoor camping trip, one of the coolest camp cooking safety tips you could follow is to keep this cooler in a place that is sheltered or cool.
  • When going camping in the outdoors, take food from the refrigerator at home and directly put it into the cooler you are taking with you on your outdoor camping trip.
  • One of the most important camp cooking safety tips for you to ensure is that to prevent bacterial growth from taking place on food when you are camping outdoors, be sure to let the food that is cold, remain cold. For this, keep this food at a temperature that is at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less, by keeping the food in a cooler that is well insulated with ice or ice packs.
  • When out camping, never ever put meat or poultry that has been cooked, on the same plate on which the raw pieces were, as the raw juices of the meat or poultry, could have bacteria that are very dangerous.
  • One of the best camp cooking safety tips you can adhere to is that if food has been left out for more than an hour when out camping, you need to throw it away. 

A Few Awesome Campfire Cooking Techniques

Of course, you know what campfire cooking is, who doesn’t? But in case you don’t know what campfire cooking is, it is a way of cooking, where no electricity is used! And yes, you will cook in this way, mostly when you go camping, keeping in mind though, to strictly adhere to camp cooking safety tips. Here are a few cool ways of cooking when you are out camping.

  • Cooking With A Dutch Oven: For this, you will need coals and a Dutch oven. You need to keep this oven right on top of the coals. You can use this method to cook desserts, stews and bake so many things.
  • Stick Cooking: You need a roasting stick for this, you can even make your own stick for this. Slide the food you plan on cooking, onto this stick. Place the stick with the food, onto the flame and keep rotating this, till the food is cooked.
  • Coal Cooking: You need lots of coals for this. Heap them all together, light them up and simply place your food on the coals and let it cook. Yes, whoever said you need pots and pans to cook? You can cook your food on these bare coals. This is, in fact, a simply fabulous way of how to cook over a fire without a grill!

How To Cook On A Campfire?

Planning on going camping and worried about what food you will eat? Heard about cooking on a campfire, but not sure how you can do this? Cooking on a campfire is easier than you think. But, it is vital to follow all camp cooking safety tips, when you plan on cooking on a campfire.

Here is what you need to do when you want to cook food on a campfire:

  • Plastic melts, so never ever use it when you are cooking on a campfire.
  • Use the right method and the right equipment, for the food you wish to cook when cooking on a campfire.
  • Always ensure that the campfire you are starting to cook your food on is in a place that is safe. 

What Campfire Cooking Equipment Will You Need?

First of all, remember that no matter what cooking equipment you may be using at your camp, be sure to ensure your safety and that of the people with you, by adhering to camp cooking safety tips. Depending on what you plan on cooking when you are out camping, here is some equipment you may or may not need:

  • Stainless steel wire grill brush
  • Long-handled spoon
  • Steel skewers
  • Grill grate
  • Lid stand
  • Skillet
  • Three-in-one folding grill tool
  • Steel log grabber
  • Cast iron grill and griddle
  • Pie iron
  • Dutch oven lid lifter
  • Rotisserie grill and spit
  • Dutch oven stand
  • Grill gloves
  • Grill basket
  • Cast-iron Dutch oven
  • Steel tongs
  • Cast-iron cooking tripod
  • Grill utensil set
  • Digital meat thermometer

Camping Food Safety

This is another very important aspect of camping and cooking and goes hand in glove with camp cooking safety tips.

  • Use different utensils for cutting different foods like poultry, seafood, eggs, raw meat, and cooked meat.
  • Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.
  • Foods that are raw, should be kept separate from other foods. 
  • Sanitize all surfaces on which you are dealing with foods.
  • Food should always be cooked to safe temperatures.
  • As far as possible, carry bottled drinking water along with you. 
  • One of the best camp cooking safety tips you could get is this - for a cold source, you can freeze water in milk cartons or plastic bottles. 
  • Keep washing your hands at all times when you are cooking. This is because bacteria can spread very easily, in an environ that is not clean.
  • If you are taking along poultry or meat products, one of the coolest camp cooking safety tips for you is to be sure to take along a cold source with you, so as to keep these safe.
  • If you are planning on using a cooler, keep in mind that if you have any leftover food, it is only safe to have it, if there is still ice in the cooler. If there is no ice, you have no option but to get rid of any leftover food. 
  • For dishwashing and also for hand washing, be sure to carry biodegradable soap or disposable wipes. 
  • If you don’t have a cooler that is insulated, to take on your camping trip and you want to make sandwiches with you, try freezing the sandwiches to take them along with you. 

Be Careful Of The Water You Use

This is by far one of the very best camp cooking safety tips you can be told! Even though you may be out camping and having the time of your life, you still need to drink water. And as you are outdoors, you need to drink a lot of water, to ensure that you stay hydrated. You must never drink water from any stream or lake, no matter how clean and pure it appears to be. There are certain pathogens that live in bodies of water that are remote and you cannot tell if the water is safe or not. A good way to have this water is to boil it or use a water filter or use water purification tablets. 

Do Not Forget This!

If you have plans on going camping outdoors and you need to cook when you are out there, keep these camp cooking safety tips handy, they are sure to help you enjoy a great meal, making a greater camping experience!