Kids Camping Safety Must Follow Rules

If you plan on going camping with kids, here are a few kids camping safety must follow rules that you have to ensure that you adhere to, if you want to guarantee the safety of your kids – and yourself!

Why You Cannot Do Without Kids Camping Safety

Camping can be a lot of fun and adventure and camping with kids can be even more fun and a bigger adventure – perhaps much bigger than you may have even imagined. But, you have to ensure that when you go camping with the kids, it remains just that – fun and adventure – and it does not turn out to be something out of one of your worst nightmares!

After all, it is a camping trip with kids and with kids, anything is possible – even the most pleasant dream, can turn into a bad nightmare. Kids being what they are, they are unpredictable and just when you think you are going to have a camping trip with blue skies and silver white clouds – there comes the thunder, lightning and rain! And you also have to keep in mind that when you take the kids camping, you are also exposing them to all kinds of unnecessary safety risks. 

So, What Do You Do To Ensure Kids Camping Safety?

When you plan on going camping with the kids, you may have gone through a lot of information, even things like top 10 camping safety tips, to ensure that your camping trip with the kids is fun and accident free. Quite likely, you may even have looked at some camping activities for kids, to ensure that the kids are occupied and out of trouble, while camping. 

Obviously, when you want to go camping with kids, you would be looking at camping safety rules, to ensure that the camping trip is a fun one – and there are no mishaps – and no one is going to get hurt! So, here are some very important kids camping safety points for you to remember, for keeping kids safe while camping – and keeping yourself safe too!

  • What To Do If There Is An Emergency: Sure, you may think that you are going camping at a place that is 100% safe (Does such a place even exist?) and the chance of an emergency situation cropping up, does not even exist! But, surely you do realize that you and the kids could find yourself trapped in some kind of an emergency situation on the camping trip? Well, in that case, would you rather you and your kids are caught unawares, not knowing what to do? Or would you rather you prepared the kids for an emergency and trained them how to react and what to do, in case there is an emergency when you are all out there camping? 

While out camping, your kid can eat some kind of poisonous fruit or plant or let’s face it – your kid can even get lost! What can your kid do if you are not around in such a situation? One of the basic rules for kids camping safety, is even before you leave for your camping trip with the kids, be sure to hang a whistle on a chain, around the neck of your kid. Keep on telling your kid that when he/she is in danger, whistle thrice, this is recognized as the universal call for help. But, you need to make it very clear with your kid that this must be done only in an emergency situation and not for fun!  

  • The Right Clothes: It is not that kids have to take care of themselves while they are out camping with you. You also have to ensure that they are well taken care of and one of the best ways in which you can ensure kids camping safety, is to take care to see that they have on the right clothes at the right time. When out camping, you never know when the weather can change all of a sudden. As such, depending on where you are going camping with the kids, be sure to pack all the appropriate clothing and ensure that they are wearing the right clothes at all times. 

If the terrain is rough where you plan on going camping, be sure to carry hiking boots. In case it rains (You never know when it will, knowing how fickle the weather of today is!), be sure to be well prepared by taking along caps, hats and lightweight jackets. If the weather is cold, the very best kids camping safety measures you could follow, is to dress your kids in warm clothes and in case the weather starts to get warm just peel off layer after layer of clothes, till they are cool and comfy.

  • Watch Out For Poisonous Insects And Poisonous Plants:  Even before you set out on your camping trip with your kids, one of the best kids camping safety things that you can do, is to show your kids pictures of various poisonous insects and plants, which you know could be there in the area in which you intend to go camping. You can find out which kinds of poisonous insects and plants would be there in the area in which you have planned on going camping, by searching for this information on the internet.

When showing these photos to your kids, one of the best kids camping safety things you can do, is to make it very clear to them that they should not go near to or touch any of the things you are showing them in the photos. To keep insects away from your kids, apply citronella-based repellents to their skin. Be sure to carry along antihistamine with you, so in case your kid gets bitten by an insect (indicated by a swelling or hives or in cases that are severe – breathing difficulty), you can give your kid the antihistamine, while you rush him/her to the nearest doctor or hospital. 

  • Take Your Own Food: One of the best ways of ensuring kids camping safety, is to take your own food with you, when you go camping. Forget all those survival TV shows that you see on how you can get lost or go camping and survive by eating wild berries and drinking water from strange ponds and lakes.  That kind of stuff is best left for the TV shows and the people doing those shows. Can you really risk endangering the life of your kids by going camping, with plans of living off stuff you can find in the ‘wild’. Just like they show on those TV shows? No, of course you cannot do that!

Thus, no matter how long you plan on going camping, even if it is for a week or 10 days, be sure to take all the food you and your kids are going to need, with you! You can easily take along breads, granola bars, trail mix and fruits, without it being too much of a bother to you. And the best part about these foods is that they are nutritious, so all through that camping trip, you and the kids can stay healthy and well fed. 

  • Drink Only Purified Water: Perhaps you may have seen a number of those survival shows on TV where they drink water from all kinds of weird looking places. Worse still, you may be thinking, if they can do it, means it is safe to do and you and your kids can do it too. Well, forget about all of those survival shows that you see on TV. You do not want to risk your kids falling into serious trouble by drinking strange water from stranger places, while you are out camping.

Remember, campers suffer from various illnesses that are brought about by drinking water that is not clean, illnesses such as bloating, stomach aches and diarrhea. So, one of the best kids camping safety things for you to do, is bring along bottled water for your kids – and yourself! Of course, it is not at all easy to carry bottled water to go camping. Thus, the next best thing that you can do, is carry along some iodine tablets. So, when you drink water from an unknown source, (water that looks and smells clean to drink), you can add the iodine tablet to the water, the tablet dissolves pretty fast and it kills bacteria, parasites and various other contaminants that are present in the water. 

You Must Ensure Kids Camping Safety

Following all of the above, is extremely essential for camping with kids, if you want to ensure the safety and well being of your kids, when you go camping. Yes, when you plan on going camping with kids, it is very important that you take steps to ensure not only the safety of the kids on the camping trip, but also, your own safety. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry! Yes, camping is fun and filled with adventure, best you ensure that it stays just like that, with kids camping safety.