Wilderness Safety Tips For Campers, Hikers And Adventurers

Here are a few simply awesome wilderness safety tips for campers, hikers and adventurers – whether you plan on going into the wilderness alone, with a friend, with someone you love or with the family, these outdoor safety tips are sure to help you immensely.

Wilderness Safety Tips You Must Know

  • Inform At Least Two People: When you plan on going camping, hiking or on that wild adventure you have always dreamed of going on, one of the very best wilderness safety tips you could follow, is to inform at least two people, both of who should be very close to you. Let them know where you are going, with who you are going, what time you are leaving and when you intend to be back. This way, in case you do not return on time, people can start looking for you.
  • Set Up An Emergency Plan: You never know when there could be an emergency. So, much before you set out on your trip, follow one of the 5 rules of recreational safety - ensure that you have created an emergency plan and that all those people who are going on the trip, are well aware of what the emergency plan is all about. In case anyone is lost, ensure that all know what is to be done. In case there is a sudden medical emergency, make sure that everyone on the trip knows what is to be done. Follow one of the main outdoor safety tips for preschoolers, give all the kids on the trip whistles, hang these around their necks with a chain. Make them understand that in case they get lost, they are to blow the whistle thrice, as this is the universal call for help. 
  • Take Along A First Aid Kit: You never know when you or someone with you can get hurt. So carry a first aid kit and in it, pack all kinds of things like sunscreen, insect repellent, pain relievers, a kit for snake bites, bug spray, tweezers and antiseptics for scrapes and cuts. 

  • Set Out Early On That Hike: If you are going hiking in the wilderness, one of the best hiking safety tips you could follow, is to start early – as in as early as when the sun rises. In this way, you would be reducing the amount of time that you would spend, on that hiking trail in the hot afternoon sun. Meaning, when you set out early on your hike, you can stop hiking when the sun gets hot, knowing that as you set out early, you have covered a lot of ground.
  • Stay On Trails That Are Developed: One of the very best wilderness safety tips you could stick to, is never ever go off a path that has been developed, when you go camping, hiking or on an adventure into the wilds. Ensure that you always stay on trails that are developed or areas that are dry or areas that have solid rock and good footing. 
  • Consuming Alcohol: We all want a bit of fun while in the outdoors and for some of us, alcohol is part of that fun while out camping or on that hiking trail or being out in the wilderness. But if you plan on having alcohol, be sure to stay away from areas where there are cliffs. 
  • Check The Weather Report: It does not matter whether you are going on a wild adventure into the forest or a docile hike on a hiking trail, be sure to first check the weather. This is definitely one of the best wilderness safety tips you could follow, especially if you are in an area where the weather can be pretty unpredictable. 

  • Wear A Hat And Sunglasses: This is not just one of those outdoor safety tips for summer, whether you are going to be in the hot sun or the snow, be sure to protect yourself by wearing sunglasses and a hat. It is not just the hot sun that can hurt you, the snow can also hurt you very badly. The glare of the sun on snow, can bring about snow blindness and this can also be caused by the light of the sun reflecting off boulders and water. So, be sure to keep your face and eyes well covered, more so during the first few days in which you are outdoors.    
  • Bears Will Eat Anything: Yes, bears will eat almost anything and everything. Ensuring that you keep all of your food, makeup and toothpaste, out of reach of bears, are some of the best wilderness safety tips you could ever follow.
  • Drink Lots Of Water: On the trail, you are bound to get thirsty, in fact, very thirsty. And being thirsty, can be hazardous. So, even before you set out on your trip, drink water. This will keep you hydrated and it will also ensure that you are energized. It is very vital that you remember that you never ever finish your total supply of water, between refills. 

  • Set Tent Before Sunset: If you have gone camping, one of the very best camping safety tips you could follow, is to pitch your tent before the sun goes down. 
  • Wear The Right Clothes: Depending on the weather conditions in the area that you plan on going camping or hiking or a wild adventure, be sure to wear the appropriate clothes. 
  • Be In Good Shape: Going on a hike or an adventure into the wilds, is not at all easy and in fact, it can be a nightmare for you, if you are not in good shape. So, one of the best wilderness safety tips you can ever follow, especially if you plan on going on an adventure into the wild, is for you to be in good shape. 
  • Protect Yourself From Nearby Lightning: If you know that the lightning is very close to you, one of the best wilderness safety tips, is to make yourself as small as you possibly can. You can do this by crouching, ensuring that your head is down and pulling your feet as close to your body as you can. 
  • Take Sunscreen Along: It does not matter what season it is, be sure to take along lots of sunscreen with you. This is because you can get very painful sunburn, not just when the sun is hot, but also in temperatures that are freezing. 

  • Develop Your Skills: Going camping or on an adventure into the wilds, is not like catching a bus or train to the next town. They require certain skills. One of the very best wilderness safety tips you could follow, when you plan on going on an adventure into the wilds or camping, is to acquire certain skills like how to give first aid, how to set up a  temporary shelter, how to read a compass, etc. 
  • Warm Up First: Whether you are going hiking or camping or on a wild adventure, before you set out, first make sure to warm up. This will help prepare your body for the outing that lies ahead. 
  • Never Go Alone: Whether you are going camping in a public place or on a wild wild adventure into the unexplored wilderness, one of the very best wilderness safety tips you could follows is – never ever go alone!  In case you find yourself in some kind of an emergency situation, you do not want to be alone. If you plan on going into an area that is very remote, ideally, you should go in a group that has a minimum of 4 people. This way, in case one of you is hurt, one can stay with the person who is hurt and the other two can go and get help.

  • Outdoor Water: You may have seen those TV shows where they drink water from all kinds of places. Well, leave that kind of water, for the people on those TV shows to drink. You may come across a stream or lake that has water that looks very clean and pure, do not drink this water, as drinking it could mean big trouble for you. This is because this water could contain microbes or parasites that could make you very ill. So pack water and take it with you or before you drink this outdoor water, purify it by chemically treating it. 
  • Take A Guide: You may plan to go in an area that is very unfamiliar and there are no proper maps. In such a case, one of the best wilderness safety tips you could follow, is to take a guide along with you. 
  • Carry Emergency Supplies: These include things like knife, water, personal shelter, compass, warm clothing, insect protection, waterproof fire starter, map, high energy food, flashlight and whistle.

Remember These Wilderness Safety Tips

Whether you are going on an adventure in the wilds or camping or hiking, be sure to remember these wilderness safety tips, they could save your life – or that of someone you love!