About Us

OutdoorsmanLab is founded with a scientific spirit and a lofty mission: to offer innovative, well-made, and high performance outdoor gear at a revolutionary price.

Our story starts with a simple problem: good outdoor gears are too expansive.

A good set of outdoor backpacking gear usually costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Unless you are a outdoor pro that regularly pushes the limit of these gears, spending $1000 on a set of outdoor gear is not really something everyone can do. But there is really not much options out there! We were struggling to find a good set of gears that didn’t cost an arm and an leg.

Well, there is a simple explanation: outdoor industry is dominated by big brands and large retailers to keep price high while leaving consumers with few options. Big brands designed the gears for the elite outdoor pros and the large retailers sell the same gears to everyone and telling everyone that they need the gears that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

We started OutdoorsmanLab to create an alternative.

We work hard and smart to craft innovative designs, select high quality materials, and engage customers directly by circumventing traditional channels so you can enjoy exceptional gears at a fraction of the going price.

Whether you are going on a month-long backpacking or just heading to a weekend camping trip with your family, we’ve got the gears you need, at the prices you love.

We believe getting outdoor should be easy and fun. You should come back relaxed and recharged, with money in your pocket.

It’s simple: great gear, great price, great outcome.

Wait…did we mention we’ve got your back with lifetime warranty and the very best customer service on every OutdoorsmanLab gear?

Contact us (service@outdoorsmanlab.com) at anytime for any issue an we will get back to you in 24 hours.

If you like our story and our gear, please help us reach more people by sharing your experience with others.

OutdoorsmanLab team.