What To Do With a Noisy Sleeping Pad?

One of the many questions we receive from our beloved customers is, “Does the sleeping pad make noise?” It may sound funny to you, but it is a legit concern for us and many other campers. After all, we are in the business of sleep; after a long day of hiking and having fun outdoors, we want you to sleep soundly when you crawl into your tent.


So, back to the question - is the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad noisy? You can find out BEFORE you go camping. Here are ways to test your Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad for noise from the comfort of your home.


  1. Inflate your sleeping pad and lie on it. Start lying down on your back and turn over to rest on each side a few times. Test this method with and without a sleeping bag. 
  2. Test the noise on your sleeping pad while lying on different surfaces - hardwood floor, carpet, and/or a grassy patch in your backyard or garden.
  3. Set up your tent in your backyard or garden. Test the noise on your sleeping pad inside your tent by lying on it with and without a sleeping bag.
  4. If you find the sleeping pad noisy while lying inside your tent, try adding a non-slip mat or blanket between your sleeping pad and the tent floor. 


Your Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad comes with a lifetime warranty. We’d be happy to process your warranty claim – it’s easy! Send us a message at service@outdoorsmanlab.com

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